In uncharted waters, let's paddle as one.

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TogetherStronger is a not-for-profit initiative to create a business community where those who need help, and those who can offer it, connect and support each other through the COVID crisis.

A place to seek help.
People to lend it.

TogetherStronger is a growing community where business leaders and professionals can reach out for help to people who thrive on giving it in return.

With the government stepping in to support New Zealanders and pay wages, we can all contribute to the GDP and ensure New Zealand will emerge united and strong. TogetherStronger is how we start.  

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Time. Skills. Advice.
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it all helps.

It doesn’t matter what form of help you need or are able to give, TogetherStronger is a place for empathy, guidance and collaboration to help others steer their business through uncertainty and uncharted waters.

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How it works

1. Ask for help.

Pop your details in for the support you need, and a listing will be created where those who can help can find you.

2. Offer your help.

Keen to help someone out? Set up a support profile that outlines what you can help with, and your availability.

3. Connect.

Where supply meets demand. Connect with each other through the TogetherStronger website.

4. Work together.

Get the job done, together.

I need help

It doesn’t matter what you need, from help with finance to job opportunities for staff facing redundancy, you can reach out to the support exchange.


I could help

If you are a professional of good standing and reputation, pledge your time and skills to help a business in need. Remember, help is given freely.


Join the community.
Ask for help.
Offer to help.

Fill in some details about yourself and your situation.

If you need help, a listing will be created so that helpers can contact you securely through this site. 

If you can provide help, a listing will be created so businesses-in-need can reach out securely through this site. 

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By signing up, you acknowledge that help pledged here is at ZERO COST to the person you are helping.

The Good News.

Success stories from the TogetherStronger community.

Kiwi Fruit Jobs.

Kiwi Fruit Jobs.

When tourism operators were faced with making redundancies, Apata were able to offer job opportunities to their staff to carry them through the crisis. Lee Hunter of BlueOcean played the role of conne...

Healthy Housekeepers.

Healthy Housekeepers.

When supplies of face masks dried up, Adam and the team at the Dentists Taupo donated facemasks to the housekeeping crew at Lake Taupo Holiday Resort to keep them safe and protected. ...

Your story awaits.

Your story awaits.

How will you make your mark during the chaos of COVID? Whether your name gets written in the stars, or someone just gets to sleep a little easier at night because you helped, good news is still good n...

Members of the Movement

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TogetherStronger needs your help to keep the momentum. If you would like to help with the running and admin of this community platform or become a member of the movement, get in touch. 

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